About Slow Life Games

We're an indie game company that values play, emotional health, and community. As a former Apple-ite and a former Yalie, we "walked-out" of the rat race and academia in favor of a simpler, slower life. Now we work on things we love.

The amazing team we work with is all over the world: Ukraine, Greece, Thailand, San Francisco. And we're always happy to meet new talented folks who want to work with us to make great games. (Hint hint: contact us about working together!)

When it comes to designing games, we value FUN first and foremost. But after that, we take a nod from our friends Cynthia and Phil ofInterPlay:we like creating things that are sneaky deep. :)

  Thanks for playing,

  Django & Dorothy
 Dorothy Finnigan and Jason Zeaman aka Django Zeaman, owners, producers, and designers of Ivory Tower Defenders at Slow Life Games


If you're a member of the media and wish to review one of our apps or conduct an interview, please contact:
Dorothy Finnigan -dorothy@slowlifegames.com

If you're interested in having us develop an app for your company or organization, or, if you're interested in working with us, please contact:
Django Zeaman - django@slowlifegames.com

If you're experiencing technical issues with one of our games, or if you have a question about upcoming features, join ouronline community!

We look forward to hearing from you!