5 Stars for Ivory Tower Defenders by AppGamers

The popular German App Review site, AppGamers, reviewed Ivory Tower Defenders and awarded it 5 out of 5 stars.

"A mandatory download for all students."

"A brilliant tower defense game... with a lot of humor."

The folks at AppGamers enjoyed riffing on the University humor themselves, by adding their own interpretation of some of the student characters. "For you there is only one goal: to expel from the University the incorrigible students who still complain about the oh-so-long lines at the cafeteria and otherwise have an IQ of five packs of sliced ​​bread."

They also appreciated the departure from the usual war-based games. "Ivory Tower Defenders is a refreshing new genre representative that scores with a lot of humor and bloodless tower defense fun."

Read the full review by Boris Raczynski.


U of Wisconsin Reviews Ivory Tower Defenders

The Badget Herald Newspaper reviewed Ivory Tower Defenders in an article titled, "Video Game Satirizes Academia."

"Tower defense games make me anxious. The combination of Tetris-like time limits and impending doom brings out feelings of childhood inadequacy, and the multitasking becomes overwhelming. As soon as I opened 'Ivory Tower Defenders,' however, I laughed at the start menu’s satirization of academia. The levity of the game’s premise – college staff blockading the entrances of campus buildings against hordes of students – eased my fears. Seven hours later, I was one point from beating the game..."

"...Because TAs are 'fast, cheap and plentiful,' they are the beginner’s weapon and easiest to upgrade. In contrast, the full professor is expensive to purchase because tenure does not come easily. Thankfully, his crankiness – a result of excessive research – translates into his throwing massive books at students, causing great damage..."

"...As chairs fill, students alter their paths. The unpredictability of this feature adds suspense... Another source of variety are the shapes of the corridors themselves. Students enter from multiple doorways. Paths split. As such, staff must be placed in multiple rows, sometimes semi-circles."

"...The arrangement of objects is intricate and thoughtful. In the seminar classroom, students scoot their chairs to face one another as they sit. In the library... students push lamp switches, casting a glow underneath the emerald glass lampshades. The colors are vivid and engaging."

"...Try as I might, a brainiac student always fills that final seat on the last level. Damn, another excuse to keep playing and risk actual academic failure."

Read the full article by Bennet Goldstein.

Shine App Reviews Ivory Tower Defenders

The mobile app review site, Shine App, awarded Ivory Tower Defenders 4 stars and highly recommended it. The review highlighted the novelty of the University setting and the strategic challenge of defending each location on campus.

The fact that students choose paths to favored seats in life-like ways was particularly appreciated. "The A.I. will not disappoint you..."

In the reviewer's words, "To sum up, I enjoyed very much this game. The whole university idea and the challenging levels made me think of it and love it. I highly recommend it to all of you..."

Read the full review by Hericonejito. 


Ivory Tower Defenders Launches February 26th!

It's time!

We're releasing our game, Ivory Tower Defenders, on iOS and Android platforms on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013.

The game will be available for download from both the App Store and Google Play.


Palo Alto Baylands Nature Tour App Now on Android

The nature photography and walking tour app we released on the App Store, is now available for Android devices as well! Our friends at Environmental Volunteers announced the Android version in a press release.
"Palo Alto, CA - Environmental Volunteers (The EV), a leading provider of science education programs for Bay Area schools, announced today that it is releasing an Android version of its new smart phone application entitled, Environmental Volunteers Baylands Walking Tour. This free App is a self-guided walking tour of the Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve that allows users to learn about the importance of bay marshes, the preserve’s flora and fauna, and the history of the preserve and the San Francisco Bay. The App uses printed text, narration, and over 100 vivid photographs to communicate its content. The Baylands Walking Tour App is available in the Android Market. A version for Apple devices was previously released and is available in the iTunes store."
We've really enjoyed working with the folks at Environmental Volunteers. We wish them, the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, and all the amazing species at the Palo Alto Baylands, the best in this coming year.

Button linking to the Slow Life Games Baylands Tour App on the Android App Store