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TAs, Professors, and Deans, oh my! All the epic drama of college in one strategy game!

The Ivory Tower is being overrun by hordes of students. It's up to you to defend the University by placing Ivory Tower Defenders in key locations on campus - the Lecture Hall, the Library, the Seminar Room, and at the Graduation Ceremony.

Each beautifully rendered location requires a different strategy as your Defenders launch blue books, dissertations, and academic suspensions at wave after wave of incorrigible students.

You have 5 unique Defenders to work with - the TA, ABD, Assistant Professor, Professor, and Dean. There are 5 types of students to defeat - the Slacker, Hacker, Artist, Athlete, and Straight A.

Ivory Tower Defenders is the perfect game for anyone who’s been to college, is thinking about going to college, or has otherwise realized that universities are strange, mythical places ripe for adventure!

Lecture Hall for the Freshman level of Ivory Tower Defenders. Faculty like Professors hurl books at students.


  • Normal levels that you can quickly start playing and enjoying, plus an easy-to-use interactive tutorial.
  • Honors levels that are very challenging, definitely not for the faint of heart. (Honors is the only way to earn As and Bs; there’s no grade inflation at the Ivory Tower.)
  • An epic soundtrack by award-winning composer Nikolas Sideris. Be sure to listen with your headphones on.
  • Fans of tower games will enjoy Ivory Tower Defenders because it has a unique twist: the students take their seats on-screen. That means strategies shift dramatically when a student sits down and the other students have to change direction and head for an open seat. It’s a whole new way to play tower games!
  • Fully Game Center enabled, with 9 Leaderboards and 20 Achievements. And you can share Report Cards with your friends!
  • A special treat awaits those who can earn an “A” on all 4 levels. What's inside the “CONFIDENTIAL” envelope? It’s a shame so few will ever get to see it…

The Main Menu is an image of a faculty member's desk with coffee and post-it notes. Play, Notebook, Grades, Options, and a Confidential Envelope are the clickable options.

This is a page from the Ivory Tower Defender Notebook. Slacker is slow and oblivious. Reliably sits in the back whenever he can.

The Play Menu for Ivory Tower Defenders contains 4 beautifully rendered levels - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.

Ivory Tower Defenders iPhone and Android game title screen

Built with Corona SDK

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